Kh-22E Supersonic Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile

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The Kh-22E supersonic air-to-surface missile is designed to engage radar-contrast mobile and stationary targets at a long range. The combined guidance system includes an autonomous flight control subsystem and a homing subsystem.


The former stabilises yaw and roll angles during the first 25 seconds of the flight, evenly increasing the pitch angle as the homing head keeps tracking the target. In the vertical plane the autonomous flight control system ensures climb to the cruising altitude, subsequent level flight, and dive. At the diving phase the missile assumes radar homing. The missile features an active radar seeker and an HE shaped-charge warhead. The Kh-22E is part of the weapons suite of the Tu-22M3E bomber.

Max range, km up to



En-route speed, Mach number



Launch weight, kg



Warhead weight, kg



Dimensions, m:

length 11.65

diameter 1.81

wing span 3.00

Defense Products & Services: Kh-22E Supersonic Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
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Description: Kh-22E Supersonic Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
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