Kh-59ME Medium-Range Air-to-Surface Missile

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The Kh-59ME missile is designed to engage pinpoint surface targets with the coordinates preset before launch, in fair weather at daytime. The missile features a tailless configuration with X-shaped control surfaces.


The power plant comprises a turbofan engine and a booster. The missile is stored and transported in a sealed container. At the initial flight stage the missile is controlled by its inertial guidance system. As the missile approaches the target area, its TV homing head turns on to broadcast the target image to the carrier aircraft at a range of up to 140 km. Two warhead types are available: shaped-charge fragmentation and cluster ones. The missile arms the Su-30MK aircraft.

Max launch range, km



Flight speed, Mach number



Cruising altitude, km



Launch weight, kg



Dimensions, m:

length 5.7

diameter 0.38

empennage span 1.30

Defense Products & Services: Kh-59ME Medium-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
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Description: Kh-59ME Medium-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
Source of Information: Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company