KORD 12.7 mm Machine Gun

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The Kord machine gun of airborne version is installed aboard helicopters to engage manpower, unarmored and soft-skin vehicles and low-speed air targets at ranges of up to 2,000 m. It can be installed both on a support in the opening of helicopter sliding door and on a mount attached to the frames of the external store.


Cartridge boxes (two, 300 rounds each) and feed chutes are also secured to the frame of the external store. The machine gun is equipped with an electric trigger, a charger and an ammunition round counter for remote fire control. The machine gun uses the B-32 12.7-mm cartridges with armor-piercing bullet and BZT- 44 with armor-incendiary-tracing bullet. Cartridges are inserted into a metal link belt that is stored in the cartridge boxes secured on the mount (disintegrating link belt can also be provided).

Rate of fire, rds/min

650 to 750


Muzzle velocity, m/s

820 to 860


Accuracy of fire (R80) at 100 m,

mm 250, max


Armour penetration at 100 m

20 mm, max


Service life, shots

10, 000


Weight, kg:

machine gun 27

machine gun on mount 52

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