KORNET-E Antitank Missile System

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Helicopters can use guided missiles being the versatile versions of the Kornet-E antitank system. Missiles can destroy reactive-armored targets, fortifications and firing positions. There are missile derivatives that have both a tandem shaped-charge warhead and a thermobaric high-explosive and incendiary warhead.


The missile control system is semiautomatic against laser beam and countermeasuresimmune. The 9М133-1 missile with a tandem shapedcharge warhead destroys all modern and future tanks as well as fortifications and field installations.



The 9М133F-1 missile with a thermobaric warhead features a destructive effect comparable to that of a 155 mm high-explosive fragmentation projectile and can destroy strong fortifications, soft-skin materiel and other small targets.


Missiles require no maintenance work in service and in storage for 10 years and need no inspections before suspension aboard helicopter.

Range of fire, m

100 to 5,500


9М133-1 missile armour

penetration, mm 1,000 to 1,200


Calibre, mm



Length, mm



Weight of missile in container, kg



Temperature range, OC


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Description: KORNET-E Antitank Missile System
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