Land Vehicle Armor by DSM Dyneema

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Faced with IEDs, EFPs, and other emerging threats, today's military vehicles require better protection. Yet speed, operating range, and agility are also more important than ever. Incorporating Dyneema® into armor design enables manufacturers to meet these challenges.


Enhanced speed and responsiveness


Lighter, stronger armor with Dyneema® is already used in vehicles ranging from APCs and Humvees to mine-protected vehicles.


- Dyneema® HB grades are 40% lighter than aramids

- Lighter, faster, and more nimble vehicles roll over less

- Agile vehicles respond better in emergency situations


Multiple aspects of vehicle design are made safer, stronger, lighter and easier to operate with Dyneema®. Dyneema® offers significant benefits in e.g. spall liners, RPG protection and synthetic link.


Why you should choose spall liners with Dyneema®


For many armor developers, vehicle designers and defense organizations, armor made with Dyneema® is seen as the future of ballistic protection - delivered today.

Defense Products & Services: Land Vehicle Armor by DSM Dyneema
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Description: Land Vehicle Armor
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