Lattice Towers for Air Traffic Control by Easat Antennas

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Easat can supply lattice towers to meet Air Traffic Control radar requirements. We offer a full service from design only to full turn-key solutions.


Easat can provide full range of services, including: Tower design and analysis; Foundation design and construction; Tower installation and certification and Tower inspection.


Tower options include:


Climbing ladder with or without safety cage

Working platforms with open or solid floors

Fall arrestor systems

Foundation designs can be supplied for standard structures or designed to customer or site specific requirements

Earthing kits

Aircraft warning lights

Anti-climb systems


Key Benefits:


Standard lattice radar towers up to 40m in height (custom designs for other heights)

Design to any of the widely used standards such as BS 8100, EIA 222 and Eurocodes

Climbing ladders, cable ladders and platforms

Design, materials and workmanship compliant with European or other Standards

Galvanising to EN 1461

Equipment shelter cabins designed to meet customer requirements Anti-climb systems

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