Launchers Tubes Armored Vehicles Area Protection Galix System by Etienne Lacroix

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Etienne Lacroix
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The Galix System features up to 24 mortar-like launchers for decoys and less-lethal ammunition. Three variants of the control system are available.


Lacroix Defense Vehicle Survivability Galix AOS Passive Countermeasures


- For light vehicles, - an autonomous GALIX system with a manual launch option.

- For combat vehicles - when a threat emerges unexpectedly, a fully automated variant of the system comprising a variety of sensors, including laser warning sensors, will take action .

- For "group protection" - launchers may also be utilized to provide protection to vehicules operating nearby.


The system detects the position of the threat and transfers this data to the fire control systems of the infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.


The Galix suite is not only for the purpose of self-defence (passive action) but also to actively neutralize hostile personnel.


Lacroix offers combat proven solutions which are unique and global in scope. Land passive defence systems manufactured by Lacroix have been installed on more than 5,000 military vehicles. Sweden has also selected the GALIX system which now equips the Stridsvagn 122 main battle tanks (derivative of the Leopard 2 platform) and CV 90 IFVs. GALIX launchers also equip the wheeled 8x8 Centauro vehicles and Ariete tanks.  Galix has recently retrofited the BMP3, G6, M113, M109 and equipped other new vehicles (RG 31 and NIMR Dcan) in the UAE.



- Manual / stand alone system: 6 or 8 launch tubes

- Automatic System: up to 12 launch tubes

- Automatic / connected system, distributed architecture: up to 24 launch tubes

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