LAZAR BTR-SR-8808 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

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LAZAR BTR-SR-8808 8x8 multi-purpose armored vehicle 8x8 is designed following modern world trends in the development o a family of wheeled armored vehicles intended for carrying out of a number of tactical tasks in different armed conflicts.



The concept and technical solutions of the vehicle are especially adjusted to the requirements of modern infantry units and special units engaged in carrying out of the tasks of antiterrorist and peace keeping actions. Special accent is made on vehicle actions in urban conditions, inhabited areas and cross-country, against enemy ambushes, anti-tank mines, improvised explosives devices, etc.



The vehicle practically represents modern vehicle of MRAP class (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle) with certain characteristics (such as high mobility and fire power) of the vehicle class MRAV (Multi Role Armored Vehicle), which combines the basic characteristics of the two classes of modern wheeled armored vehicles exceptionally important in the world today.



In the vehicle design concept special accent has been made on the development of its high mobility, armor protection system, armament system, and the possibility of transport of 10 soldiers and the possibility of their quick disembarkment and embarkment from protected positions via back door.



The passenger compartment is designed so as to provide for the soldiers to be oriented toward large windows made of ballistic glass, and towards gun holes, thus enabling them excellent visibility and survey of the surrounding environment and their combat engagement by using of their personal armament.



The design concept of drive and suspension of the vehicle, based on long-time studying and modeling of possible technical solutions, a principle of application of 8x8 formula has been chosen, with rigid bridges and springs which, at the same time, provides for high level of protection against anti-tank mines and improvised explosive devices, and high level of maneuverability outside regular roads. Central tire pressure regulation system is installed in the vehicle, and run-flat inserts may be installed into the tires which provide for driving of the vehicle even with damaged tires.



High level of armor protection is achieved by application of armored body produced of armor piercing steel which, together with ballistic glass, basically provides for ballistic protection in accordance with STANAG 4569 standard of grade III+ (12.7x108mm b-32 from 100m) on the front side and grade II on all other sides of the vehicle. Application of combined additional armor of complex composite construction mounted on top of the basic armor provides for ballistic protection of grade V on the front side and grade IV on all other sides of the vehicle.



Introduction of reactive explosive armor system mounted on combined additional armor, provides for effective protection against infantry anti-armor  weapons of class RPG-7 hich represent major threat to the above mentioned categories of combat.



Aditional bottom part of the armored body is V shape and provides for protection against explosion of antitank mines and improvised explosive devices underneath the vehicle wheels and vehicle floor. Installation of spring-equipped roof-hanged seats for crew and embarked squad is increasing of crew survivability in case of AT mine /IED impact.



The design of armored body provides for fast installation and replacement of additional armor, and the installation of the same does not degrade basic functions of the vehicle.



There are few optional weapon system concepts

  • Light one man turret with 20 mm M55 aut omatic cannon, coaxial 7.62 mm M86 machine-gun and 4 smoke pot launchers 
  • Two axis stabilized RCWS armed with 30mm



Vehicle is equipped with variety of forward looking and backward-looking optoelectronic observation equipment ,  including thermal imaging camera, ccd TV camera, VHF communication equipment for communication up to  battalion level coupled with BMS computer and  INTERCOM equipment enabling communication between crew and squad team members  in embarked positions. For communication with brigade level, HF radio coupled with BMS compter is also available at platoon, company and battalion commanding vehicles, depending of army BMS network concept. 

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Description: LAZAR BTR-SR-8808 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle
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