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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Protection House, Sherbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX

Our new specialist LED light has been developed exclusively for PPS. Designed soley with our customers in mind, the portable lighting solution is ideal for temporary and emergency lighting applications.




Strong light output

High efficiency = Long life

Better value

Low heat

Robust, yet lightweight construction

Compact form

Adjustable hanging straps with snap hooks

Generates minimal heat so no cool down time is required before they can be safely stowed away

Hanging straps can be decontaminated




Type of Light                                    Portable Emergency LED

Input Wattage                                  52w

Lumens                                            >4000lm

CCT (Colour Temperature)              4500K

CRI (Colour Rendering Index)        >6

Power Factor                                   0.9

Input Voltage                                   110 50Hz

IP Rating                                         IP65 (Plug & Socket IP67)

Cable length                                   2m on either with IP65 industrial connectors

Tube material & Thickness            Polycarbonate/4mm thick

Reflector                                        Parabolic Metallised

Beam Angle                                  360 °

Driver                                            On board dedicated

Average rated life                          20,000 hours

Part Number                                  PS512475

Weight (Kg)                                   3

Dimensions                                  100 x 100 x 500

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LED Light

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