Light Utility Vehicle LUV by Jankel Armouring

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Fox Light Utility Vehicle. Everything you'd expect from a simple, affordable, open architecture vehicle.


The Fox Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) is our true militarised utility vehicle with a versatile, lightweight, load carrying platform.  Comprising open architecture cabin for multi-role use, and with vehicle maximising payload solutions, this vehicle is suited to all lightweight configurable logistical needs.


Product Specifications:


Approach Angle: 35° - 45°

Ground Clearance: 260mm

Departure Angle: 28°- 32°

Wading: 700mm

Breakover angle: 150°

Fuels: Diesel or Petrol

Step climb: 300mm

Fuel Capacity: 180 litres

(270 litre optional)

Range: (typical) 1500km

Payload: (specification dependent)

Modular cargo bed

Stretcher module system

Auto Pallet loading system

Black out system

IR lighting (Front / Rear / Brakes)

Weapon mounts (Specific to customer)

Skid plate and underbody protection

Folding windshield (2 pieces)

Multiple power connectors and ancillaries

Defense Products & Services: Light Utility Vehicle LUV by Jankel Armouring
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Description: Light Utility Vehicle LUV
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