Long-range Coastal Surveillance & Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) by Easat Antennas

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Easat is a leading specialist supplier of long range coastal surveillance radars, with installations in numerous countries worldwide. Many installations are dual purpose, combining long-range Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) with security or law enforcement applications; others are solely for Maritime security or law enforcement, or for VTS / Port Security.


Easat's Radar Systems include polarisation switching in X-band to improved performance in adverse weather, frequency diversity and, for installations in high rainfall regions, the option of dual-feed X and S-band transmitters; these operate through the same antenna thereby achieving performance optimisation in all weather conditions.


Easat radar installations maintain surveillance at many key strategic maritime locations worldwide, including English Channel (La Manche) with installations on both English and French shores, Straits of Malacca, Baltic Sea, Caribbean, Gulf of Guinea etc. Easat radar systems also provide surveillance of the approaches to numerous ports worldwide.

Defense Products & Services: Long-range Coastal Surveillance & Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) by Easat Antennas
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Description: Long-range Coastal Surveillance & Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)
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