Long Range Patrol Vehicle LRPV by Jankel Armouring

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Our Long Range Patrol Vehicle allows between 4 and 6 occupants to cover more distance over longer periods. The platform firepower, manoeuvrability and supportability make it ideal for many roles from border patrol to surveillance/reconnaissance, first support/force protection, convoy support and use in urban operations. The vehicle offers a highly mobile fire support and tactical force protection platform and caters for a range of weaponry with configurable mounts at locations around the platform.


Product Specifications:


Approach Angle: 35° - 45°

Departure Angle: 28°- 32°

Wading: 700mm

Breakover angle: 150°

Fuels: Diesel or Petrol

Step climb: 300mm

Fuel Capacity: 180 litres, (270 litre optional)

Range: (typical) 1500km

High Payload (specification dependent)

Rear traversing ring with mount for 7.62 mm MG/.50 cal MG/40 mm AGL and universal ammunition box holders

Front elevating commander’s seat with swing arm weapon mount

Recovery equipment

Zoned armour

Run-flat tyres

Weapon mount specific to customer

Storage cages and equipment racks

Communications fits (specific to customer)

NATO slave socket

24V vehicle conversion

Defense Products & Services: Long Range Patrol Vehicle LRPV by Jankel Armouring
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Description: Long Range Patrol Vehicle LRPV
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