LRF 3013 Laser Rangefinder by Vectronix

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Vectronix AG
Max-Schmidheiny-Strasse 202
CH-9435 Heerbrugg

The LRF 3013 designed for system integrators looking for a convenient, easy to integrate, yet powerful and compact LRF solution. It provides reliable performance under a wide range of conditions and withstands harshest weapon shocks.


With its extremely small and ultra-lightweight design and the optimized power consumption the LRF 3013 is perfectly suitable for all kind of handheld devices, weapon mounted applications, portable systems and lightweight sensor suits used in UAV or UGV.


Range capability: 3.3 km

Typical accuracy: ± 0.75 m

Dimensions: 52 x 37 x 22 mm

Weight: 45 g

Defense Products & Services: LRF 3013 Laser Rangefinder by Vectronix
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Rangefinders, laser
Country: Switzerland
Description: LRF 3013 Laser Rangefinder
Source of Information: Vectronix AG