M3 Borescope by Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Co Inc

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The M3 Borescope is a portable optical borescope used to visually inspect cannon bores of howitzers, tanks, and mortars for defects of manufacture and damage caused by firing. It consists of an adapter assembly, three extension tube assemblies, and an objective tube assembly plus accessories to support multiple power options.


The adapter assembly is the base unit from which inspections are made. The extension tubes permit inspection of bores having lengths up to approximately 26 feet and multiple support rings are provided to help center the borescope.


Additional Information


Length:                                                        47 in.

Width:                                                          14 in.

Height:                                                         10 in.

Weight (w/case):                                          102 lbs


NSN: 6650-01-063-0035

P/N: 11584701


Key Components


The M3 Borescope is available with the M3 Borescope Case and various other standard components.


                                                                                              P/N                 NSN

Case, Optical Boresight                                                       11584705        1240-01-097-4870

Head Assembly, Illuminating                                                11586099        6650-01-183-0711

Objective Tube Assembly (Tube, Extension, Borescope)     11584702       6650-01-096-1810

Adapter Tube Assembly (Adapter, Straight, Tube to Boss)   11584706       4730-01-530-3805

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M3 Borescope

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