M3 Protective Mask Complete Set by Trayal Corp

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The M3 mask, complete set is intended for protection of the respiratory organs, face and eyes of the user against NBC contaminants in the form of gases, vapours, solid and liquid aerosols and dust particles.


The mask, together with appropriate filters, provides protection against contamination due to chemical accidents.


The complete set includes: the M3 facepiece, the M3 filter, the water bottle with a bag. The mask is used in the atmosphere containing at least 17% oxygen.




-The protection factor is higher than 10.000.          

-The total resistance of the mask at inhalation is less than 170 Pa at the flow rate of 0.5 dm3/s.

-The resistance of the exhalation valve subassembly is no more than 70 Pa at the flow rate of 0.5 dm3/s.

-The facepiece is airtight at the overpressure of 3000 Pa during 60 seconds.

-The field of vision of the mask is no less than 80% from the normal.

- The mask has two phonic units installed. The speech comprehension index of the major phonic unit is 0.85 minimum.

- The mask has the water-drinking system installed, which is easy to connect to the water bottle and easy to disconnect. The capacity for the free leaking of water into the mask is no less than 200cm3/minute.

- The mass of the facepiece with the filter and the bag is no less than 1,500 grams.

- The faceblank and the nose insert are made from bromobutyl.

- Protective capacity of the facepiece of the mask is no less than 24 hours.

- The mask is available in threee sizes (S, M and L).

- The bag for placing and carrying of the mask is made from 100% polyamide fabric (multi-colour or monochromatic camouflage fabric), which is waterproof, and impregnated with polyurethane on the inner side. The bag is to be fixed to the body of the wearer by means of the set of flank straps and around the leg.

- The water bottle is made from the high quality PE HD. The bottle is placed into the bag with built-in straps by means of which it is fastened to the belt of the user. The volume of the water bottle measures up to 1 litre. The mass of the water bottle together with the bag is cca 200 grams.

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