M830 Military Binocular Series

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Steiner’s M830 Military Series is the standard binocular of many armies in the world. The Military Series binoculars are built to stringent military specifications, ruggedly designed for the fiercest conflicts and toughest environments, and have earned a reputation for performance and durability in countless tactical applications under extreme conditions. No binocular has proven its worth to so many troops in urgent situations.

Available with either Generation II or Generation III LPF (Laser Protection Filters) to authorized buyers.



Available with LRF (Laser Range Finder) in two power levels, allowing laser-ranging at 1,860 to 6,000 meters.

Light and easy to handle, with high-definition lenses for bright images and a wide field of view for steady viewing, even on moving vehicles.




The M830r LRF 1535nm calculates target distance from 25 meters to beyond 6,000 meters, using a wavelength invisible to your adversary’s night-vision devices. Opponents won't know they're being targeted, your position stays hidden, and challenging targets can be zeroed in. With Steiner’s high-precision optics and longer-range accuracy, the edge is yours.

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Special Features

Some models available with: Mil Ranging Reticle; Military Specifications



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Fully multi-coated

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