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MailScan cabinet x-ray systems are used for screening mail, parcels and small packages for potentially harmful items and contraband. A large inspection chamber and imaging area is packed into a remarkably small footprint. This makes 3DX-RAY’s MailScan solutions ideal for locations where space is at a premium, such as mailrooms or office reception areas.


Unrivalled image resolution and industry-leading image processing software, together with powder detection, allow the operator to analyse images quickly and accurately. Items such as weapons, improvised explosive devices, razor blades, biochemical attack threats, powders and drugs are easily detected.


MailScan systems are simple to operate and are supplied complete with an on-screen training module.



MailScan2 systems are cabinet based x-ray systems for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband.



Screening mail, parcels and baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband is easy with our MailScan x-ray systems. Designed for environments where space is at a premium MailScan equipment offers large inspection chambers and imaging areas whilst retaining a small footprint.


They can be used for various applications:

• Mail Rooms

• Reception Areas (scanning of post)

• Goods In (screening of parcels)

• Executive Mail Screening

• Loss Prevention

• Contraband Detection



Unrivalled image resolution and industry leading image processing software together with Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD) allow the operator to analyse items quickly and easily.



3DX-RAY Ltd offers a range of optional service and support and training plans. Suitable for detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), razor blades, weapons, powders, biochemical threats and contraband such as drugs.




  • Small footprint
  • Three size options
  • High quality images
  • Easy to use



Image processing

• Image rotation, panning, background artefact removal

• Measurement tools including density

• Powder inspection

• Image archiving

• User image enhancement features




MailScan2-G Cabinet Dimensions (height x width x depth mm)

External dimensions 1840 x 576 x 589

Chamber size 632 x 569 x 509

Viewable area 480 x 480



MailScan2-M Cabinet Dimensions (height x width x depth mm)

External dimensions 1504 x 455 x 670

Chamber size 540 x 448 x 586

Viewable area 409 x 547



MailScan2-D Cabinet Dimensions (height x width x depth mm)

External dimensions 1020 x 430 x 488

Chamber size 345 x 423 x 410

Viewable area 387 x 272



Imaging Station

Image resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels

Standard display TFT monitor 19” LCD

Wire resolution 36 AWG

Steel penetration 3mm



Imaging Software Features

Image panning, background artefact removal

Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD)

Automatic image archiving

High, Medium and 3 Point density alerts



X-ray Specification

Beam orientation Vertical, downwards

Nominal anode voltage 80kV

Nominal anode current 5mA

Cooling Sealed oil bath



Operating Environment

Operating temperature 0oC to 40oC

Storage temperature -15oC to +50oC

Relative humidity 85% non-condensing




Radiation Less than 1µSv/h

Safety Conforms with Ionising Radiation Regulations, 1999 (UK)

Complies with applicable international health and safety regulations

Media safe Yes


External size
(H x W x D)

Chamber size
(H x W x D)

Viewable area
(W x D)


 1020 x 430 x 488mm

 345 x 423 x 410mm

 387 x 272mm


 1504 x 455 x 670mm

 540 x 448 x 586mm

 409 x 547mm


 180 x 576 x 589mm

 632 x 569 x 509mm

 480 x 480mm




Key features:

• Large inspection chamber, small footprint

• Simple operation

• Unrivalled image resolution

• Industry leading image processing software (EPD) as standard

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