MAWL-DA Modular Advanced Weapon Laser - Direct Action FDE by B E Meyers & Co Inc

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B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc.
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The MAWL-DA (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser - Direct Action) is a high power infrared and visible green aiming and illumination laser for individual carbines. Offering improved ergonomics, interface, and performance, the MAWL-DA has been engineered from theground up around the needs of the modern night fighter.


Designed to address the shortcomings of common laser devices in use with both military and law enforcement, the MAWL incorporates cutting edge VCSEL technology which eliminates the current problem of inconsistent and granular, speckled illumination. This unparalleled beam quality is leveraged with multiple modes of divergence and power, based on the ideal settings for any operational environment: Close Range, Mid Range, or Long Range.


The MAWL-DA is a modular system. The body, endcap, and head are separate, interchangeable components. The MAWL is completely ambidextrous and can beconfigured on the rail to suit the operator’s needs.


Technical specifications


PART NUMBER                       MAWL-DA

WEIGHT                                  10.3 OZ W/Battery

DIMENSIONS                          5" L X 2.8" W X 2" H

WAVELENGTH                        NIR, Visible green

POINT RANGE                        Varied

FLOOD RANGE                       Varied

MAX OUTPUT                          Varied

POWER SOURCE                   ONE (1) 3V CR123A

HOUSING                                6061-T6 TYPE II

AZIMUTH & ELEVATION         0.3 MRAD / 1.03 MOA per click

Defense Products & Services: MAWL-DA Modular Advanced Weapon Laser - Direct Action FDE by B E Meyers & Co Inc
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Description: MAWL-DA Modular Advanced Weapon Laser - Direct Action FDE
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