Meerkat LFA Lightweight Fine Adjust Tripod for Surveillance Systems by Instro Precision

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Instro Precision Ltd
Hornet close, Pysons Road Industrial Estate
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- Target Acquisition / Designation

- Special Forces

- JFO and JTAC's

- Artillery and Mortar fire controllers


Meerkat LFA (Lightweight Fine Adjust) is an ultra compact lightweight unit which has been optimised for size and weight and designed to allow the user to easily fit a variety of sensor payloads, including those featuring digital magnetic compasses.


The tripod is particularly useful for applications where the payload line of sight must be precisely positioned onto a distant object of interest. The user can position the payload, lock the line of sight and then use the fine adjust mechanism to make very fine adjustment s to achieve precise alignment.




Ultralight and compact design

Rugged, durable and easy to use

Designed for ease and speed of deployment

Independently adjustable leg angle and length (telescopic)

Integrated pan and tilt unit with independent axis brakes

Unrestricted coarse pan range

±45 Degree coarse tilt range

Line of sight fine adjust in both pan and tilt

DMC compatible

Payload quick release mechanism

Working height range 160mm to 762mm


Key Specifications


Construction: Black anodised Al alloy

Tripod weight: 1.1kg (2.42lbs)

Payload capacity: 5kg (11lbs)

Payload attach : Quick release ¼" 20 UNC

Min working height: 160mm

Max working height: 762mm

Stowed dimensions: 526mm x Ø120mm

Elevation range: ±45°

Elevation fine adjust: ±3°

Azimuth range: Continuous n x 360°

Azimuth fine adjust: ±6°

Temperature range: -32 to +71° C




Interface adapter: 3/8" BSW

Footplate and pin sets

Tough Cordura Carry Bag


Custom Tripod height

Custom adapter assemblies


Defense Products & Services: Meerkat LFA Lightweight Fine Adjust Tripod for Surveillance Systems by Instro Precision
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Description: Meerkat LFA Lightweight Fine Adjust Tripod for Surveillance Systems
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