Mi-171Sh Combat Transport Helicopter

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The Mi-171Sh is an upgrade of the Mi-171 helicopter designed to engage small-size ground/surface targets and personnel; to transport military cargoes and troops; to carry out search-and-rescue operations and evacuate casualties.



The Mi-171Sh combat version is fitted with various weapons, a self-defence system, transportation and medical equipment, avionics and instruments enabling all-weather, all-climate, day/night operations. The helicopter can be converted into the assault/medevac versions in the field. The Mi-171Sh helicopter can carry up to eight Ataka/Shturm ATGMs, up to four B8V20-A pods with S-8 rockets, up to two UPK-23-250 gun pods, and 7.62mm PKT machine guns mounted on the swivelling nose gun mount. Troops can fire their side arms through six swivelling portholes in the side windows and doorway.


The transport version can airlift up to 20 troops or various cargoes (inside or under the fuselage). The medevac version can transport up to 12 stretcher casualties and a medical attendant. The Mi-171Sh has the LPG-150 winch with a crane jib for hoisting personnel and cargoes, and the SU-R device for rapid troop downroping in the hovering mode. Survivability is increased thanks to the use of exhaust screens, flare dispenser, removable armour plates, and protected fuel tanks. On customer request the Mi-171 helicopters can be modified into the Mi-171Sh variants with installation of Russian- or foreign-made equipment.

Take-off weight, kg:

normal 11,100

maximum 13,000


Max lifting capacity, kg:

cargo hold 4,000

underslung 4,000


Air speed, km/h:

maximum 250

cruising 230


Hovering ceiling, m



Service ceiling, m



Range, km:

without auxiliary tanks 580

ferry (with auxiliary tanks) 1,065



2 x TV3-117VM turboshafts




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