Mi-17-1V Transport/Assault Helicopter

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The Mi-17-1V transport/assault helicopter is designed to perform transportation tasks with a capability of engaging soft-skinned materiel and manpower. The Mi-17-1V is capable of airlifting materiel and ammunition to operational assault positions of the troops carrying out independent operations, airdropping tactical air assault forces, landing special operations teams, and evacuating combat casualties.


The helicopter can provide fire support to infantry and airborne troops and conduct air reconnaissance on the battlefield. Additionally, the helicopter can conduct almost entire scope of the tasks accomplished by its civil prototype, by being fitted with search-and-rescue, fire-fighting, parachute jumping (paradropping) and air photographic equipment. The Mi-17-1V helicopter is manufactured in transport/assault, transport and medevac versions.



The avionics suite provides flight and employment of weapons during day and night under standard and adverse weather conditions. The avionics suite includes electronic display and navigation high-precision system, satellite navigation system, night vision systems (night vision goggles and optronic system of full-time operation), weather radar, searchlight and other types of both Russian and foreign instruments. The survivability system includes the exhaust jet IR screens, chaff (IR and radar) dispenser, jammer and a set of removable armour plates. The helicopter is equipped with the tanks that are self-sealed by the foam polyurethane filler.



The Mi-17-1V transport version can carry up to 36 troopers or cargo, including wheeled vehicles of up to 4,000 kg in the cargo compartment or up to 5,000 kg on the external store. The helicopter allows airdrop of up to 22 troops or airlanding of cargoes and up to 20 troops by means of a roll-type cargo hoist, i.e. rappelling. The transport/assault version uses unguided weapons (up to 80 unguided air-to-surface missiles of the S-8 type or up to 192 of the S-5 type), bombs of up to 500 kg in caliber and incendiary tanks.


Guns include universal two or four UPK-23-250 gun pods with the 23 mm GSh-23 guns. The helicopter nose and stern compartments accommodate PKT or PKTM machine guns that can be remotely controlled. The weapon control system provides the use of weapons in any mix using the beam holders (up to 10 versions of helicopter payload using six beam holders and up to 9 versions employing 4 holders).


The helicopter cargo compartment is equipped with six swivel pads to allow troopers to fire small arms of the AKM, RPK and PK types. The helicopter’s rescue version is provided with the SLG-300 (or LPG-150M) winch to lift or lower cargo of up to 300 (150) kg as well as to lift or lower two (one) men by means of a special rescue hoist when the helicopter is hovering at an altitude of 50 to 55 (35 to 40) meters above ground. The helicopter ambulance (medevac) version is equipped with 12 stretchers for wounded and sick and with first aid kits. A mixed version is also provided for evacuation of wounded and sick (on stretchers and on seats). During evacuation, all wounded and sick receive medical treatment.




The Mi-17-1V avionics and instruments ensure day-andnight flights and weapons delivery in fair and partlyadverse weather conditions. In order to boost the helicopter's full day-and-night capability, it can be fitted with the following systems:

electronic navigation and display system

GOES-321M gyrostabilised optical electronic system

GEO-ONV-1 night vision goggles

adaptation of its lighting facilities to night vision goggles.



The electronic navigation and display system provides flight dead reckoning and coordinates correction using satellite navigation data; storage of navigation points, routes and ground digital map in the non-volatile memory; reception, processing and display of survey information and its transmission to interfaced systems, as well as display of flight-navigation information on multifunction dispays.


The GOES-321M gyrostabilised optical electronic system provides under standard and adverse weather conditions: mapping, search, detection and identification of targets, terrain features, obstacles against video images on the screen of the multifunction display, guidance of laying mark and measuring a slant range to the target, as well as targeting the organic helicopter armament.

Take-off weight, kg:









T/O weight




Airspeed, km/h:



max (from 0 to 1,000 m)




cruise (from 0 to 1,000 m)

220 to 230

205 to 215


Hovering ceiling, m




Service ceiling, m




Payload, kg:









Flight range, km:




with main fuel tanks




with one extra fuel tank



with two extra fuel tanks



Number and type of engines,

engine power, hp

2 х ТVЗ-117VM / 2,200




Dimensions overall (length х height х width), m:




25.3 х 5.54 x 4.5

cargo compartment

5.34 х 2.34 х 1.8

Rotor diameter, m


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