Mi-24/Mi-35 Combat Transport Helicopters Technical Training Aids

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Integrated simulators of the Mi-24/Mi-35 (Mi-24V, Mi-24P, Mi35P, Mi-35, Mi-35M) helicopters can be of motion and fixed types. Simulators are designed to train flying personnel in a realistic cockpit and flight instrument environments, providing new opportunities for the crews to master main operation modes and combat missions plus practicing actions in special conditions. The simulator motion system provides simulation of acceleration effects. It is electrically operated and has six motion levels.


The fixed simulator includes:

realistic pilot’s and navigator’s cockpit environments

digital computing system and software

external visual system for day and night helicopters

displayed database preparation system

instructor’s station and integrated check system

simulation systems of vibration, shaking and acoustic effects.


All training tasks to be performed on the simulator may be divided into three groups, namely: flight tasks, helicopter piloting tasks and combat tasks. Automated training systems (ATS) are designed for classroom training of flying personnel, engineers and technicians in the interactive mode. Up-to-date automated training systems of the specified types of helicopters plus the flight procedures and integrated simulators open the new prospects in the training process improvement. Functional databases and monitor programs enable the pilots to acquire firm skills in managing complex combat missions, considering their specialization and initial level of skill.



Defense Products & Services: Mi-24/Mi-35 Combat Transport Helicopters Technical Training Aids
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Description: Mi-24/Mi-35 Combat Transport Helicopters Technical Training Aids
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