Mi-28NE Combat Helicopter

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The Mi-28NE gunship is designed to engage armoured and soft-skinned ground, sea and air targets, provide close air support to ground troops, escort tactical airborne troops, conduct air-to-air combat and air reconnaissance in all weather conditions, during stand-alone and group missions with automated target designation and distribution. The Mi-28NE is capable of automated terrainfollowing at low and very low altitudes (10 to 25 m), employing its radar and electro-optical surveillance and sighting systems. Excellent power-toweight ratio allows for operations in alpine terrain, at high ambient temperatures. The Mi-28NE is capable of performing combat manoeuvres with vertical overload of up to 2.6 g, sideways and tailfirst flights at a speed of up to 100km/h, and helicopter aerobatics.




The integrated avionics suite includes a highprecision navigation system (comprising the inertial, satellite, and geophysical orientation systems); a stabilised sighting system with optical/IR/TV channels featuring video/radar image quality improvement and synthesis subsystems; a thermal imaging system with a laser rangefinder; a mast-mounted radar; helmetmounted target designation and display systems; an onboard computer; an electronic display system with MFDs; an automated data transfer system; a self-defence system; an automated control system; and a flight mission data processing system. The Mi-28NE is the world’s best helicopter in terms of battlefield survivability. Its automated control system restores proper engine operation after firing-induced stalls, thus extending the unguided weapons delivery range to cover the entire combat altitude and airspeed envelope.




The Mi-28NE armament includes up to 16 Ataka-V ATGMs, up to eight Igla missiles, up to 80 S-8 rockets in B8V20-A pods, up to 20 S-13 rockets in B13L1 pods, and up to four KMGU-2 smallsize cargo containers. The helicopter carries a built-in NPPU-28N swivelling gun mount with one 30mm 2A42 cannon (250-round ammunition load), and UPK-23-250 gun pods.

Take-off weight, kg:

normal 11,000

maximum 12,100


Air speed, km/h:

maximum 305

cruising 270


Hovering ceiling, m



Service ceiling, m



Range, km:

normal 450

ferry 1,100



2 x TV3-117VMA turboshafts




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