Mi-35/Mi-35P Combat Transport Helicopters

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The Mi-35/Mi-35P helicopters are designed to provide close air support to ground troops, engage small-size armoured and unarmoured ground and sea targets, escort troops on the march, airlift and provide close air support to airborne and special operations teams, and carry out medevac, reconnaissance and other operations. The helicopters can airlift eight air assault troops with side arms, or four casualties plus one medical attendant, or 1,500kg cargo in the cargo compartment, or 2,400 kg on a sling.



The helicopter’s avionics and instruments enable all-weather, day/night operations in any climate.



The Mi-35s can carry up to eight Ataka/Shturm ATGMs, up to 128 S-5 rockets in UB-32 pods, up to 80 the S-8 rockets in B8V20- A pods, up to four S-24 rockets, UPK-23-250 gun pods, pods with grenade launchers or machine guns, 50 to 500kg bombs, two KMGU- 2 small-size cargo containers, and incendiary tanks weighing up to 500 kg. The gun armament comprises one USPU-24 swivelling cannon turret with one four-barrel YakB-12.7 machine gun (Mi-35) or one NPU-30 gun mount with the twin-barrel 30mm GSh-30 cannon and 250 rounds of ammunition (Mi- 35P). Either combat version is equipped with a self-defence and survivability enhancement system.


Take-off weight, kg:

normal 11,200

maximum 11,500


Payload, kg:

normal (cargo compartment) 1,500

maximum (underslung) 2,400


Air speed, km/h:

maximum 320

cruising 280


Hovering ceiling, m



Service ceiling, m



Range, km



Ferry range, km




2 x TV3-117VMA turboshafts




Defense Products & Services: Mi-35/Mi-35P Combat Transport Helicopters
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Description: Mi-35/Mi-35P Combat Transport Helicopters
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