Mi-8/Mi-17 Helicopters Technical Training Aids

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Integrated simulators of Mi-8/Mi-17 (Mi-17- 1V, Mi-17V-5, Mi-171Sh, Mi-26) helicopters can be of motion and fixed types. Simulators are designed to train flying personnel and engineers, maintain their skills at a required level and retrain the crews of other types of rotary-wing aircraft in a fully realistic cockpit and flight instrument environment with standard consoles and controls. The simulators motion system provides simulation of acceleration effects. It is electrically operated and has six motion levels.


The fixed simulator includes:

realistic helicopter cockpit environment

digital computing system and software

external visual system of the ‘Aurora’ type (with a hemi-spherical projection-screen system with cockpit cutoff angles – in horizontal plane - 220 degrees – in vertical plane - 65 degrees

displayed database preparation system

instructor’s station and integrated check system

vibration, shaking and acoustic effects simulation systems.



All tasks to be performed during training can be divided into three groups:

flight tasks

helicopter piloting tasks

combat tasks.


Automated training systems (ATS) are designed for classroom training of flying personnel, engineers and technicians in the interactive mode. These systems form a single functionally interrelated base of theoretical knowledge and monitor programs using computer technologies and afford individual training of each trainee, subject to his specialization and initial level of skills. The externally-slung cargo operator procedures simulator of the load on external store simulates the operator station (fenced door, rope "spider") also provided with a stereoscopic system to visualize the behaviour of the load and cable through the cockpit door. The appropriate software is delivered to follow the behaviour of the load and the cable and their influence upon the helicopter flight.


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Description: Mi-8/Mi-17 Helicopters Technical Training Aids
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