MiG-21-93 Fighter Modernisation Programme

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The MiG-21-93 modernisation programme aims to considerably improve the MiG-21 aircraft combat capabilities with minimum expenditures. Modernisation package includes improvements of the baseline fighter design, equipment and controls, and introduction of new weapons



The modernisation programme also implies installation of a new weapons control system built around the Kopyo multifunction radar, helmet- mounted target designation system, multifunction LCDs and head-up display, navigation, communication, ECM, and video recording systems; as well as the Karat integrated monitoring and flight data recording system. The MiG-21 baseline flight control, electric power supply, air conditioning, fire-fighting, and cockpit management systems are also upgraded. The MiG-21-93 upgrade can mount optional foreign-made armament and equipment.


For example, the upgraded MiG-21bis UPG fighter of the Indian Air Force features French-made navigation and video recording systems, an Israeli-made passive jamming system, and indigenous communications, navigation and ECM systems. The upgraded canopy features a frameless windshield and a modified hinged portion cover for improved field of view. The MiG-21-93 upgraded fighter is equipped with a new WCS ensuring simultaneous tracking of up to eight targets, and simultaneous attack of two most dangerous ones. The Kopyo radar provides missile guidance in the forward and aft hemispheres and against the Earth’s background, with target acquisition at low altitudes down to 30m above ground.


Dogfighting is supported by a special radar operation mode "Vertical". In the mapping mode the radar is capable of conducting tactical reconnaissance, detecting radar-contrast ground and sea-surface targets, and engaging them with guided and free-fall ordnance. The BVP-21 chaff/flare dispensers provide self-defence against air-to-air missiles and Stinger-type heat-seeking man-portable air defence systems. The MiG-21-93 upgrading programme enhances its combat efficiency to the level of the fourth-generation fighters making it comparable with that of F-16 and Mirage 2000. Upgrading may also include extension of the aircraft’s service life.




The MiG-21-93 upgrade mounts new armament, including RVV-AE, R-27T1, R-27R1 and R-73E air-to-air missiles and KAB-500Kr guided bombs, retaining the organic weapons mix of the MiG-21bis.

Length, m



Wing span, m



Height, m



Take-off weight, kg:

normal 9,200

maximum 10,400


Max combat load, kg



Max air speed, km/h:

ground level 1,300

high-level 2,175


Service ceiling, m



Range, km:

low-level 840

high-level 1,350


Max g-load




1 x R25-300

afterburning turbojet




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