MiG-29SMT Light Multirole Fighter

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The MiG-29SMT is the latest comprehensive upgrading of the MiG-29 tactical fighter. It is to provide the fighter with entirely new combat capabilities by increasing its combat radius (flight range and endurance) at a minimal cost. As a result of the modernization, the aircraft has acquired high combat efficiency in air-to-air and air-to-surface missions. The aircraft has excellent manoeuvrability with reliability and flight safety enhanced. As a result of the modernization, the fighter’s service life reaches 4,000 hours (or 40 years – with on-condition maintenance).



The aircraft features an open-architecture avionics suite, up-to-date information/control cockpit environment with two multifunctional button-fitted liquid-crystal colour indicators, and HOTAS arrangement. System integration effected in compliance with the МIL-STD- 1553В standard enables mounting of any equipment on the aircraft at customer requests.


The MiG-29SMT is fitted with modern weapons control system including a modified radar targeting system with the new Zhuk-ME multifunctional radar featuring increased range, multi-channel fire capability and advanced air-to-surface operational modes. The optical locating station and helmet-mounted target designation system make the avionics suite functionally complete. Integration of the targeting and navigational equipment on the basis of the modern computing system has resulted in much greater target acquisition range and sighting angles while the number of targets simultaneously engaged is increased to four.


The aircraft is fitted with new navigation and communication facilities, electronic countermeasures equipment, monitoring and recording systems, as well as optronic pods. An interactive training system, simulators and the MiG-29UBT combat trainer aircraft are used for on-ground formation of the flying and technical personnel.




The aircraft guided weapons include the RVV- АЕ, R-27ER1, R-27EТ1, R-27R1, R-27Т1, R- 73E air-to-air guided missiles, GSh-301 built-in gun, Kh-31А, Kh-31P, Kh-29T(ТЕ), Kh-35E airto- surface guided missiles, and KAB-500Kr corrected bombs. If fitted with an optronic/laser pod, the fighter can employ the Kh-29L guided missiles and KAB-500L guided bombs. It can also deliver unguided weapons – rockets and bombs.

Take-off weight, kg:

normal 15,800

max 20,300



RD-33 series 3 afterburning thrust, kgf 2 х 8,300


Max g-load



Max airspeed, km/h:

at ground-level 1,500

at high altitude 2,400


Service ceiling, km



Flight range, km:

w/o EFT / with 3 x EFT 1,800/3,100

with 3 х EFT and one in-flight

refuelling more than 6,000


Max external payload, kg


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