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With today’s military air operations facing increasing budgetary constraints, spiraling costs, and higher levels of scrutiny, you need a management support solution capable of organizing your complex mission goals. In order to capture and exploit every ounce of capability from your resources, assets, fuel, and time, channeling essential mission data in an optimal manner through your Air Operation Center (AOC) isn’t optional. It’s a necessity.


We listened to customer concerns, and along with our Tapestry Solutions partners, we combined our extensive military and commercial experience to create an all-new operations management support solution. The result is Mission Management Suite (M2S)—a modern, integrated AOC management and monitoring system designed to optimally leverage modern aircraft and communications systems capabilities within complex flight operations environments. Not only that, our solution also provides direct and simplified access to supporting applications and tools, thus improving your ability to efficiently retrieve and share mission-critical information.




Diplomatic Clearance Management

Expense Tracking and Management

On-Demand Report Creation

Integration with Flight Planning Systems

Dangerous Cargo Management




Provides users advanced knowledge of resource schedules and plans

Delivers insight into cost factors that impact decisions

Expands information access via robust integration

Provides a single entry portal to all modules

Matches the right crew and aircraft to the tasked mission

Provides customized mission data in user‐friendly formats



The Java J2EE-based environment features an n-tiered, SOA-based design for scalability and availability.


- User authentication with definable roles and privileges protect the system and underlying data.

- Integrated business rules engine provides ease of configuration and adaptability to changes in policies and future growth.

- Enterprise Service Bus technology standardizes interfaces, reduces IT costs and increases flexibility with legacy systems.


M2S is essential to your operations


- Improved integration between mission planning and flight planning.

- Improved decision making ensures successful and safe mission completion with up-to-date information throughout all stages of flight.

- M2S provides transportation requirement input, validation and authorization.

- Detailed mission planning tools track diplomatic clearances (DIPS), payload, location and cost so that every mission detail is accessible.

- Automated list of diplomatic clearance needs.

- New diplomatic clearance letter provides all the information needed for a clearance request.

- Discerning resource scheduling of fleets and qualified crews provides better control and management of operational resources.

- Comprehensive day-of-execution capabilities provide optimized flight plans for an efficient and effective flight profile.


We also offer contract dispatch.


- Planning and executing your flights is easier and can be customized according to your policies and government regulations.

- We provide complete ATC coordination and in-flight assistance, 24/7.

- All Jeppesen dispatchers have airline experience, hold FAA Part 121 dispatcher certificates and offer best-in-class service.

- Dispatch builds and tracks your flights/trips from inception to final execution, and provides process standardization and review through dispatch methodology.

- Customer-specific Web portal allows you to track and access flight documents and status:

       – View all of your flights from a single page.

       – Download, email, fax your trip information quickly, from a central location to anywhere in the world.

       – Your aircrew and operational personnel can easily share information with Jeppesen dispatchers.

       – Dispatch is compatible with aviation scheduling software.

       – We can assist and/or apply for diplomatic clearances depending on your country’s specific procedures.

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