Mobile Multi-Spectral TSPI System (MMTS) by Photo-Sonics

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The system is optimized to automatically track and capture Time-Space-position Information (TSPI)  of the world’s fastest hypervelocity missiles and projectiles. This system is used in tracking missiles and projectiles for recording TSPI data for engineering analysis of flight trajectories and documentary visual presentation of the mission. MMTS also includes an integrated motion analysis capability for 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) post mission image processing. With the addition of an integrated continuous wave Doppler radar, MMTS provides a single station solution for the capture of 3D data of the flight path of a projectile in real time.




Fully Integrated ARGUS Pedestal and Sensor Control Software

Real Time TSPI Data Output

Single Station Solution

Sensors and System Timing Synchronized to IRIG at 250 Hz

Dual-Gate Auto-Tracking with Camera Link at 250 Hz

Remote-Control Console

Digital Servo Amplifier




Mid-wave IR, High Speed, 250 FPS, Tracking Camera/ 64-inch f/4, Ritchey-Chrétien Lens

Long-wave IR High Speed, 250 FPS, Tracking Camera/ 64-inch f/4, Ritchey-Chrétien Lens

Visible, High Speed, 250 FPS, Tracking Camera/ 40-2200mm, f/3.5-11 /Metric Zoom Lens

Visible High Speed Camera - 6000 FPS/ 112.5-inch, f/9, Ritchey-Chrétien Lens


Software – ARGUS Control Software


Integrated Sensor and Tracking Mount Control

Automatic Star Calibration and Turn-and-Dump Target Board Calibration

Simulation Mode

Diagnostics and Maintenance Functions

Remote Designation

TENA Compatible (Optional)

Integrated Post Mission Motion-Analysis Software (TrackEye)


The ARGUS control software provides all the functionality the user would expect of an advanced TSPI tracking system. It provides a single interface for the tracking pedestal, sensors, auto-tracking, radar, calibration, target simulation and diagnostics of the complete tracking system. Control of the system is simplified via an intuitive touch screen GUI. The standard ARGUS application can control up to 10 sensor stations, in addition to radar and lasers, allowing a single-operator complete control of all aspects of a complex and highly capable system from a remote location. It also provides the control of single and dual-gate auto trackers and fixed focal length and zoom lenses and focus tables. Automated Star Calibration are incorporated to yield the highest TSPI accuracy of any optical tracking system manufactured today.




Continuous-Wave Doppler Tracking/Range Radar

80 Watts

Range 65 KM Maximum

Radial Velocity based on CW




Nominal Payload                  600 pounds

Maximum Payload               1000+ pounds with reduced accuracy and performance

Standard Configuration        On-Axis optical payload with no man-on-the-mount

Optional Configuration         On Axis Optics with Off Axis Radar

Azimuth Torque                    1500 foot pounds

Elevation Torque                  2 x 300 foot pounds

Azimuth Acceleration           100+ degrees/second2 with nominal payload

Elevation Acceleration         100+ degrees/second2 with nominal payload

Azimuth Velocity                  100+ degrees/second

Elevation Velocity                 100+ degrees/second

Weight                                  6500 lb trailer mounted pedestal with single axle

Dimensions                          125"L (plus 33" trailer tongue) x 87.25"W x 93.71"H

Calibration                            No Radar: Turn & Dump, Star Calibration

Radar on Top                        Star Calibration only

Radar On Side                      Turn & Dump, Star Calibration

Encoder                                24 bit absolute position optical encoder with 23 bit quadrature output for velocity

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