MOSKITO TI Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator by Vectronix

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Vectronix AG
Max-Schmidheiny-Strasse 202
CH-9435 Heerbrugg

The MOSKITO TI combines higher usability, lower weight, and broader capabilities than any device in its class. Incorporating Vectronix performance history, it is reliable in all conditions and gives dismounted infantry and special forces exactly what they need for full 24-hour situational awareness.


Broader capabilities

More connectivity

Higher usability

Lower weight



3 viewing modes:

– Premium Optical Day View, day operation without power consumption

– Thermal Imaging for detection and situational awareness day or night – wide field of view

– Low Light Imaging for positive identification

SMART design for recording, editing, live streaming




Outstanding C4I capabilities – meets NATO interconnectivity requirements

Multiple interfaces including USB and Ethernet for data exchange with other devices

Designed around the user – everything needed, nothing superfluous

Highly ergonomic design

Intuitive user interface, no information overload

One button per function operation, designed for use with or without gloves




Best performance to weight ratio of any device in its class

All-in weight under 1.3 kg

Modular GPS with option of integrating military GPS onboard, saves up to 1 kg

Low consumption sensors and careful battery management design minimize battery load

Defense Products & Services: MOSKITO TI Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator by Vectronix
Companies & Organizations: 
Country: Switzerland
Description: MOSKITO TI Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator
Source of Information: Vectronix AG