Moving Map for Government and Military by Jeppesen

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Provide your aircrew with a complete and accurate strategic picture using our industry leading situational awareness map that combines worldwide aeronautical data with advanced graphical layering technology.  


Our unique and flexible interface combines with our vector-based, data-driven mapping technology to provide a powerful tool for increasing mission effectiveness for a wide variety of operations, including:


TASM - Tanker, Airlift and Special Mission

VIP Transport

Maritime Patrol

Border Patrol




Dynamically rendered vector graphics maintain readability at all times

Seamless, data-driven moving map with on/off selectable data elements allows operator to adjust display for rapidly changing situations




Built from Jeppesen's industry-leading global aeronautical data

Ability to aggregate and interlay military, civil, or third party data in both vector and raster formats

Cockpit environment optimizations reduces operator workload

Enhanced situational awareness on day or night missions

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