Multifunctional Filters and Detector Windows by Jenoptik Optical Systems

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Multifunctional filters and windows improve the performance of your radiation detectors enormously. They influence the response sensitivity and the signal-to-noise ratio of the detector. The right filter or detector window gives you optimal control over the light beams and so you achieve excellent results.


Jenoptik develops and manufactures various detector windows and optical filters, particularly for the infrared spectral range. The coatings are suitable for workpieces made from such materials as germanium, silicon and sapphire. If required, we can provide the filters with edges that are suitable for soldering, as well as structured diaphragms, elements for suppression of diffused light, or absorbent structures. That means you can integrate them into your existing system without any additional investment costs.


The cost-effective coatings from Jenoptik feature optimal protection against environmental factors and are extremely robust. We guarantee that the filters contain absolutely no radioactive substances and that they comply with DIN ISO or MIL standards.




Multifunctional: Filters are versatile

Flexible: Additional functions can be integrated

Stable: Protected against environmental factors

Environmentally sound: Coating contains no radioactive substances

Compliant with standards: Comply with DIN ISO or MIL standards


Fields of Application


Automotive industry: Filters for gas analysis

Digital imaging: Filters for image capture and target detection

Semiconductor equipment: Filters for IR sensor technology

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