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Systems that process and display georeferenced data require centralized storage, management and provision of map data. R&S®MVServer as a central map server makes this possible and also allows map data to be imported and georeferenced.


R&S®MVServer as a central map server offers the advantage that all map data is maintained in only one place and is available to all users (clients) of a georeferencing system. Thanks to standardized interfaces, this server is independent of the software used for displaying maps. Map data in the most widely used GIS formats can be imported and utilized in order to use a customer's previously existing map data. In addition, map data with good resolution as a starting point is available for import, in order to go into operation with the system without delay.


Key facts


Central server for all map data of a system requiring GEO data

Simple, web-based user interface

OpenStreetMap (OSM) map data for the entire world included

Customized map design


Features & Benefits


Optimized system configuration thanks to consolidation of map data

Use of a wide range of map data

- Import of ESRI and MapInfo map data

- Import and georeferencing of raster maps


Customized design of vector maps


Provision of OpenStreetMap map data

- Up-to-date OSM map data included

- Quick rendering of OSM data during runtime


Easy integration into systems requiring GEO data

- Interfaces in line with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards




R&S®MVServer supports the following map formats           Hardware requirements

ESRI Shape                                                                          Operating system: Debian 8

ESRI Grid                                                                              Processor: multicore

ESRI Mxd (GeoSet)                                                              RAM: 64 Gbyte

ESRI ArcSDE                                                                        Hard disk: min. 1 Tbyte SSD recommended

MapInfo (shape & grid)     

PBF (OSM)   


WorldImage: JPEG, PNG, TIFF with world file     

MapInfo Tab

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