Needle (Plus) Disruptor

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The Needle (Plus) is a development of ABP’s Needle Disruptor. In answer to request from a number of our customer, ABP have developed a” leadless” cartridge and breach system which allows standard command cable to be connected in a manner common to ABP’s other disruptors such as Pigstick and Hotrod.

Product Capabilities

  • Manual multi-shot device is capable of repeated firings
  • Can be deployed independently on a lightweight stand or remote vehicle for improved operator flexibility
  • Preparation is straightforward and can be carried out remotely from the target to further enhance operator safety
  • Requires minimal training and maintenance

Product Specifications

  • Constructed from precision-manufactured corrosion resistant materials developed in accordance with ABP’s IS09001 quality approval system
  • Flaw detected and proofed during manufacture
  • Supplied as a complete kit housed in a robust, valise-style holdall designed to secure all parts
  • Length: 310mm, main body diameter: 22mm, rear body diameter: 34mm, Weight: 940kg
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Defense Products & Services: Needle (Plus) Disruptor
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Description: Needle (Plus) Disruptor
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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd