Night Vision Monoculars PBS14 by General Starlight Co

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There is a wide variety of night vision monoculars available on the World Marketplace. The most popular are PVS-14, MUM-14 as well as couple of other leading models. PBS14 has gathered the most up-to-date technological advancements, currently developed. The PBS14 is “loaded” with unique features and surpasses the most popular models.


Available Image Intensifier Tubes


The device comes with a choice of several image intensifier tubes:

Gen 2+, Gen 3




Optical Magnification                        1X (Unity)

Objective Lens System                     27mm Focal Length, f/1.2

Focusing Range                                0.25m .. Infinity

Diopter Adjustment Range                -6 .. +4

Built-In IR Illuminator                         Yes

IR-On Indicator                                  Yes

Light Overload Protection                  Yes: Automatic Shut-Off

Any Polarity Battery Insertion            Yes

Stow Safety Feature                          Optional                     

Power Source                                    1pc AA or 1pc CR123

Battery Life                                         Up to 40 hours

Environmental Protection                   IP66 or Better (Optional)

Dimensions                                        110x65x55 mm

Weight                                                330 grams

Operating Temperature                     -40°C .. +50°C

Warranty                                            7 Years, Limited

Export                                                Available Worldwide **


** Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides assistance in applying for the Export Permit.


Standard Equipment


PBS14 Monocular

Daytime Filter

AA Battery Extender

Neck Cord

Soft Pouch

Hard Case

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