NORA-B52 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer

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The NORA-B52 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer is designed to provide fire support to own units. Fire support is achieved by powerful, sudden and rapid fire against tactically, operatively and strategically significant targets at greater distances.



The NORA-B52 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer set includes:
• armament subsystems,
• modified off-road vehicle subsystem,
• hydraulic subsystem with belonging back-up subsystems,
• breechblock pneumatic installation subsystem,
• electrical power subsystem,
• weapon fire control system (FCS),
• fire protection subsystem,
• ventilation, air-conditioning and heating subsystem,
• subsystem of communication between crew members,
• stand-by power unit (motor and pump).



The design solution of the NORA-B52 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer (mounting of the gun on the off-road 8x8 vehicle chassis) and the overall dimensions of the weapon provide:
• good cross-country mobility,
• transport of weapon crew,
• transport of a 0.5 combat set of ammunition for the primary armament (12 projectiles and 12 propellant charges in the automatic loader and 24 projectiles and 24 propellant charges in the ammunition containers on the weapon). The remaining 0.5 combat set of ammunition is transported by vehicles for transport and reloading of ammunition (logistic vehicles). Three (3) logistic vehicles, on the battery level, transport 72 projectiles each and 72 propellant charges each (0.5 combat set for the battery). One combat set of ammunition for the secondary armament is also transported on each weapon,
• safe work of the crew when serving the weapon on a fire position,
• ballistic protection of the crew, the armament assembly and vehicle parts (driver's cabin, auxiliary cabin, squad commander and gunner cabin, ammunition container and a part of the turret housing the automatic loader cassettes) against 7.62 x 39 mm FMJ bullets and 155 mm artillery shell fragments,
• safe exit from the battlefield in case of a failure of the basic hydro-electric system, with the help of the stand-by subsystems installed in the vehicle,
• three (3) operation modes (automatic, semi-automatic and manual).




The NORA-B52 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer should have the following armament:
• primary armament: 155 mm gun with a 52-caliber barrel, installed in a turret (partly armored) on a modified chassis of an off-road vehicle,
• secondary armament: - 12.7 mm machine gun with a cupola,
• smoke pot launchers (two groups with 82mm launchers each, installed in the front part of the vehicle cabin),
• training armament: coupled 20 mm M55 gun.





The NORA-B52 155mm self-propelled gun-howitzer can be used, without degrading its exploitation characteristics, in the following conditions:
• on all types of ground,
• in all climatic-mechanic conditions (sunshine, rain, snow, high humidity, high sand concentration),
• by day and night, in all visibility conditions,
• The operation of all basic subsystems of the weapon is reliable within the temperature range from - 25oC to + 55oC
• In case of failure of the basic motor, the additional power unit installed in the weapon, provides smooth operation of all subsystems,
• In case of failure of the electrical-power subsystem, the basic functioning is ensured through the blocks and valves installed in the weapon so that the weapon can exit the firing position,
• The weapon has an installed independent, stand-by, manual hydraulic subsystem that enables the transition from the combat to the marching position in order to withdraw from the firing position.
The combat mass of the NORA-B52 gun-howitzer, with a 0.5 combat set and the crew members, does not exceed 36 tons.
The number of crew members of the NORA-B52 self-propelled gun-howitzer is 5 (commander, gunner, driver and two crew members).
The communication between the crew members is enabled by an intercommunication (UMK) unit, which enables normal communication at the work places and at the places of serving the automatic loader components. The UMK unit is integrated into the communication system on the weapon and battery level.
A part of the fire control system is integrated on the NORA-B52 self-propelled weapon, which, together with the fire control system on the levels of the battery and division, enables efficient use of the weapon.


The fire control system on the battery level enables the use of the weapon in several ways: in the automatic (automatic line of sight), semi-automatic and classical-manual operation mode.





The weapon part of the fire control system includes:
• a unit for inertial navigation, orientation and laying in the basic direction,
• a unit for determination of the relative location of the weapon,
• communication equipment,
• the unit for communication between the crew members,
• PLC unit,
• indicators of the firing elements and other information with computers (commander's and gunner's counters),
• a set of sighting devices for indirect and direct firing with accessories for their lighting,
• a collimator for each weapon for marking the basic direction in the classical –manual operation mode.


The NORA-B52 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer meets the following mobility and passability requirements:

• maximum speed on a level asphalt road ≥ 90 km/h
• maximum speed on a level macadam road ≥ 40 km/h
• trench width ≥ 1600 mm
• maximum gradient ≥ 50%
• maximum side slope ≥ 20%
• range of movement on a level road (asphalt or good macadam road) to 500 km
• fording depth ≥ 1.0 m
• vertical obstacle height ≥ 0.50 m
• minimum turning radius ≤ 16.6 m
• flat-tire driving range to 50 km

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