Normal / Heavy Duty Tripod for Hook & Line Kits by NIC Instruments Ltd

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Hook and line is a semi remote line rigging systems, that allows tasks, such as gaining access to vehicles and buildings, to be carried out at a safe distance of typically 100m.


Coupled with the line and anchor tools NIC Instruments has designed and produced a number of Secondary Tools which facilitate the use of the Hook & Line equipment in situations where normal attachments are difficult to achieve, or where experience has shown that without them a successful pull is sometimes less likely. These tools include the telescopic pole to aid attachments out of the operator’s reach, and a “skid pan” which assists in the unhindered passage of an item through a number of potential “snag” risks.


NIC Instruments’ Hook & Line kits come complete with a number of well thought out and designed anchor applications to ensure that the operator can always achieve a secure and strong pulley point. These include Rope Slings, Sticky Eyes, Suction Pads, Karabiners, Hooks, Clamps, Grips & Stakes.


A strong tripod, specifically designed for EOD applications. The head is extruded for strength, and the unit is fitted with an integral pulley. Fitted with snap out legs for quick and positive deployment. The legs may be extended to different lengths to cope with sloping ground. The feet swivel, again assisting when working on uneven ground and may also be anchored with ground pegs (supplied).

A webbing strap is also provided, which may be passed around the feet to prevent the unit collapsing under load.

The feet are fitted with eyes, so that an extra pulley may be positioned to improve loading. Supplied in a cordura carrying bag.


Part Number HL000200

NATO stock number 3950-99-666-7375

Defense Products & Services: Normal / Heavy Duty Tripod for Hook & Line Kits by NIC Instruments Ltd
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Explosives / weapons search equipment | Explosives disposal equipment
Description: Normal / Heavy Duty Tripod for Hook & Line Kits
Source of Information: NIC Instruments Ltd