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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The NuPo is a one piece suit containing a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). Users enjoy freedom of movement combined with the double protection of a powered air respirator (APF 40) and a full nuclear suit (APF 200). Ideal for use in buildings where an air supply is not practical or available. Can be used as a rescue suit for airline operations, or an inspection/assessment suit for ‘Safestore’ operations.




The PAPR supplies filtered air for up to 10 hours

Continuous respiratory protection during and after the removal of the contaminated suit

Choice of Scott full-face Vision 2, Promask or silner hald masks

The PAPR is contained wholly within the suit and undressing is carried out without filter removal, allowing the PAPR, mask and

PAPR filters to remain uncontaminated and reusable

Secure PPS locking system firmly holds the PAPR filters to the suit wall for safety

No air supply infrastructure or trailing hoses to restrict the user

High powered Scot SC160 PAPR unit from the asbestos industry

Emergency breathing facility built in

Also available as complete system with either Promask or Vision,

Power unit and hose, filters and battery charger




Material                       0.3mm Natural Matt PVC

Sizes                           S – XXXL

Cuff Options               Standard rigid cuff, open ended cuff (glove needs to be taped for this option) or welded glove

Waist                          Waist mounted PAPR with suit waist ties to prevent over inflation

Filter Inlet                   2 x nuclear P3 filters attached to outside of suit and 2 x nuclear P3 filters mounted on PAPR

Air Supply                  Scott Proflow 2 SC160 asbestos turbo giving 160 l/min

Certification               CE marked and certified to relevant parts of EN 1073-1:1998

Emergency Breather Easy reach emergency breather with P3 filter

APF                            200 (40 for PAPR when suit removed)

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NuPo Suit

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