Open Media Network Interface (OMNI) by DeTekion Security Systems

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DeTekion Security Systems’ O.M.N.I. control security system is a highly reliable solution for monitoring perimeter intrusion detection sensors and systems. The O.M.N.I. Windows based security software program is very flexible, real time and can be adapted with ease for incorporation into virtually any perimeter intrusion detection system.


The O.M.N.I. has the capability to control and monitor single or numerous sites with remote workstations via Local Area Networks (LANS) and via TCP / IP protocol.


The OMNI control software GUI was designed with the user in mind, incorporating user friendly prompts, high resolution graphics, realistic icons and logic. Processes to acknowledge, secure and reset alarms are

customized to the user’s requirements and can incorporate several safety precautions and procedures. If required specific event handling instructions and procedures can be displayed on the GUI. Multi level site

mapping can be programmed so that operators will have the clearest scaled “picture” possible of what is happening in the field.


Control can be via touch screen and / or dedicated keyboard and mouse control.


The OMNI security software program is embedded on a compact flash drive for reliable operation. Alarm activity can be prioritized and all events are stored on a non volatile media in data tables that can only be accessed by authorized operators.


Reports can be customized to meet the user’s requirements or objectives.


The OMNI control security software is password protected, ensuring that only authorized supervisors and managers can make changes, modifications and conduct data base research for comprehensive alarm

analysis, operational and maintenance data.


As an option, OMNI software modules providing seamless integration with CCTV systems can be incorporated into the system.




- Highly flexible architecture

- Can operate seamlessly with DeTekions’Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), facilitating remote adjustments

- Easy customization of GUI screens to the site and requirements

- Can work in a master / slave configuration or within a hot backup configuration

- Optional seamless integration with CCTV and other systems




Hardware (minimum requirements)


Computer                                         Pentium II and higher processor

                                                         256 MB of RAM

                                                         40GB hard disk

                                                         CD rom drive

                                                         Parallel port

                                                         2 Serial Ports

                                                         Monitor or touch screen

                                                         Speakers (optional)


Printers (recommended):                 Serial dot matrix for event logs (optional).

                                                         DeskJet for report printing (optional).




Units                                                 Up to 256 units w’32 I/O’s (single station).

Database                                         Configurable.

Loop                                                 Closed ring for redundancy, self healing

Communication                                RS232 / 422, TCP / IP.




Windows and Windows Embedded OS Based

LAN distributable.

Database manageable.


Password Controlled                       User name and ID coded.

Pop–Up Menus:                               Control Tasks.

                                                         Database Setup.

                                                         Password Setup.


                                                         Others as required


Map Displays:                                  Alarm icon controlled

                                                         Alarm acknowledge

                                                         Alarm reset

                                                         Alarm access

                                                         Alarm tagging


Other:                                               40 optional sound waves

                                                         Graphical alarm analysis

                                                         Single zone access timers

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