PASS II Portable Acoustic Sonobuoy Simulator by Flightline Systems

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Flightline Systems
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Flightline Systems’ PASS II offers superior performance for integration or operational testing of airborne and shipboard Acoustic Systems in either demanding operational or controlled laboratory environments. It supports generation and reception of either RF modulated or baseband sonobuoy signals via radiated or direct connections.



Specific applications of the PASS unit include:

- Evaluation and calibration of acoustic system performance

- Troubleshooting of acoustic suites individual Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) e.g. VHF antenna, receiver, UHF downlink, acoustic processor

- Acoustic Suite Health and Welfare / Preflight Operations Checks (end-to-end test of downlink transmitter, receiver, AP, and OTPI)

- Bit Error Rate Calculation for Flightline wideband sonobuoy receivers

- Signal source to aid in training technicians and operators


Sonobuoys supported include:

DICASS, DIFAR, VLAD, LOFAR, BATHYTHERMOGRAPH, HIDAR, BARRA, ADAR, CAMBS, (Some sonobuoy simulations are exportcontrolled)


Sonobuoy simulations

- Operator Defined – Operator selects individual parameters for sonobuoy simulations

- More Complex - Actual mission data can be formatted in a PASS II PC application and

streamed from the PC or input through the GigE interface for playback



- Portable, MIL-STD-1472 one-man lift compliant

- Extremely stable baseband frequency and FM deviation levels

- Sunlight readable, menu-driven AMLCD touch panel

- Operates from 115 VAC, 28 VDC or internal Li-Ion battery



- SDSR Bit Error Rate Test

- ALFEA simulation

- AIS simulation

- User-generated simulations

- Store/Recall of multiple instrument setups

- Support of CAMBS commands

- Frequencies operable via external PC

- Pre-defined - an operator can command any of five (5) pre-defined simulations

- FSK Out for transfer of NRZ formatted digital data directly to an acoustic processor

- ADLFP future support

- AFLEA/SSQ-926 future support

- SSQ-125-ADLFP future support

- CAMBS future support




Sonobuoy Simulations can be Pre-Defined or Complex Simulations

Accurate/deterministic simulations of Active or Passive analog and digital Sonobuoys on any of the 99 operational sonobuoy frequencies. PASS II generated simulations include multiple single tone targets with range, speed and bearing information representative of the sonobuoy being simulated. Environmental variables such as noise, magnetic variation and target strength are also modeled. Additional capability of streaming precompiled simulations for both analog and digital buoys



A signal frequency accurate to 0.01% and deviation accuracy of 0.1% can be generated for calibration of the acoustic suite.


RF OUTPUT Signal Parametes

- Touch panel input selection of any of 99 operational sonobuoy frequencies

- VHF Signal level strengths generated to 0 dBm supported, power amplification optional

- Direct digital modulation of FSK or GMSK digital sonobuoy types with shaped data for controlled RF spectrum


VHF RF Signal Generation

- The PASS II produces a VHF RF signal modulated with data representative of the simulated sonobuoy

- Generation of CFS acknowledge response on VHF sonobuoy simulations


UHF DOWNLINK Command Generation

- Generation of all CSG and CFS commands, activated by operator input to touch panel. Output is available as analog modulation signal or modulated RF


UHF Downlink Command Reception

- Decoding of all CFS, CSG & CAMBS transmissions received

- Outputs demodulated baseband

- Provides calibrated received signal strength report

- Signal strength range up to -10 dBm



- UHF Input to receive UHF command signals from platform’s acoustic system

- VHF Uplink to transmit VHF signals to a platform acoustic system

- Modulation Output for transfer of baseband signals direct to an acoustic processor

- Headphone output for aural monitoring

- Computer and Control Interfaces include 2 USB(Master and remote), and GigE Ethernet

- External Input for receipt of baseband signals

- Self test of all RF & baseband signals assures tester confidence




- Height = 9.56 IN (242.8 MM)

- Width = 15.06 IN (382.5 MM)

- Depth = 12.50 IN (317.5 MM)

Weight <30 LBS (13.6 KG)


- 50-400 HZ, 115–230 VAC

- 28 VDC

- Lithium Ion Battery

Storage temperature range of -20°C TO +45°C

Operating temperature range of -10°C TO +40°C

UHF & VHF antennas included

NEMA 4 rated LCD touch panel

Signal Accuracy

- Baseband and RF frequency TO 0.01%

- FM deviation level to 0.1%

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