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SCI Technology can help extend your sustainment dollars with PoRTS (Portable Ruggedized Test System), our powerful new suite of customizable, cost-effective tools for automated test equipment.


PoRTS is a user-defined test set that works wherever you work. With its rugged construction and compact form factor, PoRTS has power and portability built right in.


But PoRTS isn’t just tough. Since it costs less than commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equivalents, PoRTS is also cost-effective. Plus, SCI’s modular tools allow for complete customization to meet each user’s unique needs.


How It Works

Working with PoRTS is easy. Users begin by identifying their specific requirements so SCI can design a custom test set utilizing a combination of standard cards. Once the custom test set is ready, users can conduct product testing virtually anywhere.


Processing is all on-board, with no need for an external computer. However, users can control PoRTS remotely with a wide range of devices via encrypted WiFi. When tests are complete, PoRTS can send the results to a remotely accessible database, or retain the data on its local hard drive. For reduced test times, test steps can run in sequence or in parallel.


Convenience + Configurability

The base unit of PoRTS is the Standard Card Cage (SCC), which accommodates between one and 10 test cards. For maximum convenience, users can interface with the SCC via a built-in touchscreen on the front of the unit. The SCC is also fully configurable, with support for both Windows and Linux-based operating systems.


With its reusable design and abundance of slots, PoRTS can host test solutions for a whole family of products. This includes SCI’s TOCNET® and FireComm® lines, as well as a large selection of customer-manufactured designs.


Current Card List (Non-Exhaustive)

Below is SCI’s current list of available test cards. SCI has the capability to produce additional test cards as needed.


Standard Card Cage (SCC)

Standard DC Power Controller

Multifunction Interface (MFIF)-In Card

Multifunction Interface (MFIF)-Out Card

Audio Interface Card

Jackbox Push To Talk (PTT) Card

Interbus/Ethernet Card

Power Relay Card

PIC Development Card

Analog Mux Card

30-Channel Differential Mux Card

Single Pole Dual Throw (SPDT) Relay Sense Card

30-Channel RS-485 Serial Mux Card

Discrete Input Card

MIL-STD-1553b Card

Adjustable Power Controller Card

ACNIP Test Set Cards (6)

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