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R&S®Presentation Suite was developed to efficiently handle the constantly growing amounts of data in modern radiomonitoring systems. Powerful algorithms enable the software to automatically identify communications links and networks from intercepted electromagnetic emissions, which significantly accelerates evaluation.


Key facts


Automatic detection and graphical display of the communications relationships between transmitters detected by Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring systems

Flexible multi-user system with configurable user rights

Customizable for use in small systems up to nationwide radiomonitoring platforms

Part of the R&S®RAMON software family (can be added to existing systems by a software update)


features & benefits


Automatic identification of communications links and networks

- Transmitter and network identification based on technical parameters and analysis of transmit patterns

- Correlation of intercepted transmitters and comparison with profiles stored in R&S®RAMON

- Tracking of moving transmitters


Clear presentation of monitoring results and statistics

- Graphical display of intercepted transmitters on a digital map

- Direct access to transmitted contents (audio, text)

- Fast, straightforward processing of key information

Static waterfall display and overview of channel occupancy

PTT diagram for analyzing the transmit patterns of multiple transmitters versus time

Statistical overview of various emission parameters

Fast display and easy editing


Flexible and efficient user interface

- Multi-user system with configurable user rights

- Customizable user interface

From comprehensive analysis to informative reports

- Additional powerful presentation functions for the R&S®RAMON software family

- Easy upgrading of existing Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring systems


Easy database access for third-party systems

- Interface for query of raw intercept data

- Interface for query of pre-evaluated results


Powerful solutions from a single source

- Rohde & Schwarz offers complete radiomonitoring solutions

- R&S®Presentation Suite – scalable for use in small and large systems

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