Primary Surveillance Radar Systems by Easat Antennas

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Easat's Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) systems are optimised for aircraft approach and long-range en-route air traffic applications.


Easat PSR radars offer excellent system stability, effective clutter attenuation and elimination of false targets enabling high probability of target detection out to ranges of 120 NM.


The high precision dual-beam of Easat's PSR antennas ensures reliable coverage even under severe ground clutter conditions. Advanced algorithms and beam switching techniques mitigate dynamic high-speed clutter, such as wind turbines, trains and road traffic.


Easat PSR radars include independent high-resolution weather channels providing precise information on weather conditions (US-NWS 6 level).


Easat PSR radars feature advanced modular design, full solid-state technology and comprehensive integrated BITE systems, ensuring low running costs and minimal maintenance requirements.


Easat provides complete turn-key solutions, to include a range of antenna tower options, civils works, installation and after-sales service.


Key Benefits


Advanced solid-state S-band PSRs

High performance fail-soft transmitter with extra-long pulse features

Extended detection ranges out to 120 NMs

4G networks interference mitigations

Advanced MTD algorithms

Field proven wind-farm effect mitigations

Independent 6 level weather channels

Advanced CMS with remote support capabilities

CAP 670 approvals


Easat Primary Surveillance Radar Technical Specification:


Frequency band                                S-band, 2700 – 2900 MHz

Frequency diversity and agility          Full frequency diversity; frequency agility with 1 MHz step

Peak RF output power (12/24 modules)       16/28 kW

Pulse width                                        Short pulse: 1 µs long pulse: adjustable, 40-300 µs

Antenna                                             Low/high beam gain: 34 / 33 dB

                                                          Polarization: linear/circular

Elevation                                            0.3° – 45°

Rotation rate                                      6-15 RPM

Minimal range                                    0.5 NM

Instrumental detection range             60 / 80 / 100 / 120 NM

Accuracy                                            50 m / 0.1°

Resolution                                          230 m / 2°

Signal processor                                A-MTD, MTAC and MTAT suppression, advanced beam

                                                           switching and combining, interference suppression, advanced dynamic clutter maps

Sub-clutter visibility                           > 55 dB

Post processor                                  Plot processing using weight-based algorithms and

                                                          high precision maps

Tracking system                                Multiple input processing supports more than 1000 tracks

Output format                                    ASTERIX or any other by request

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