Proactive Gearbox Maintenance & Condition Management by David Brown Santasalo

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We know that you’re looking for maximum process availability and don’t want to run the risk of unplanned downtime. That’s why we offer a full asset management service, which looks after your gearbox through a planned, regular maintenance programme.


Our asset management services give you peace of mind for any gearbox in an industrial application, even those that haven’t been originally manufactured by David Brown Santasalo. All inspections, repairs and overhaul work are completed during planned maintenance periods to ensure you always have the high availability your business needs.


If you’re based in the UK, our local service team can even offer a free asset mapping service, which gives you a full picture of all your rotating equipment. Each asset map can include our recommended maintenance programmes to ensure critical equipment is properly maintained. For further information, please contact our UK team, here.


Features & Benefits


Peace of mind for any industrial gearbox

Gearbox problems are identified and solved before issues occur

Working with you to maximise efficiency, availability and to minimise your total cost of ownership throughout the life of your gearbox

Optional GearWatch remote condition monitoring service available

Defense Products & Services: Proactive Gearbox Maintenance & Condition Management by David Brown Santasalo
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