ProCombi 2 Suit by VersarPPS

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Protection House, Sherbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX

The ProCombi 2 is a one piece disposable suit which can be configured to use either an air fed full face mask or a free breathing air distribution ‘halo’. Users enjoy the protection a full nuclear suit (APF 200), and mask users will have the protection of a compressed air line full facemask (APF 40) when undressing.





Used with reusable Promask Combi with P3 Filter or free breathing halo, through a belt worn inside suit

Emergency breather with P3 filter on the outside of the suit fitted with either mouthpiece (free breathing) or connector hose to P3 mask filter (mask option)

Continuous respiratory protection after the removal of the contaminated suit through the mask P3 filter, when the air line is disconnected (mask option)

Cooling spider bleed from the inlet tail hose gives comfortable operating environment

Optimised for nuclear users, the suit gives freedom of movement and wide visibility. Fall arrest option included




Material                                  0.300mm, 0.200mm or 0.150mm Natural Matt PVC

Sizes                                      S – XXL

Cuff Options                           Standard rigid cuff with or buttoned cuff for taping

Leg Options                           Integral sock with optional outer boot flap or integral over boot with boot ties

Waist                                      Waist ties

Suit Options                           Emergency breather with recovery capability using clip on powered air unit

                                               or traditional snorkel type breather with P3 filter

Belt                                         PPS airline belt

Cooling                                   Internal cooling spider attaches to air bleed from inlet hose

Free Breathing                       Halo Poppers into suit with connection to belt

Promask – Combi                  Meets requirements of EN 136 (Mask options) P3 filter meets

Full Face Mask                      requirements EN 143:2000/EN 12941/EN 12942

Emergency Breather             Fitted with P3 filter on outside of suit and internally with valved

                                              mouthpiece (free breathing version) or adaptor for connection hose to mask filter (mask version)

Inlet Hose                              Fitted with Q/R couplings, can be taped into suit entry tail or sealed with optional bung and clip

Certification                           CE marked and certified to relevant parts of EN 1073-1

APF                                       200



One piece oversuit available to reduce contamination reaching suit, fall arrest harness connector, bung and clip emergency breather filter blanking cover OR emergency breather filter shower cover

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ProCombi 2 Suit

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