PROJECT 11661 GEPARD-3.9 Frigate

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Gepard-3.9 frigate is intended to search for, to track, and to engage surface, underwater and air targets, both independently and as part of a task force, as well as to perform escort and patrol tasks, and to guard maritime state borders and exclusive economic zones.


Armament & Equipment

Missile weapons

4x4 launchers of Uran-E anti-ship missile system (16 Kh-35 missiles)


Artillery weapons

76.2mm AK-176M artillery gun mount

three Palma AA artillery systems


ASW weapon systems

two 533mm two-tube torpedo launchers

RBU-6000 12-tube rocket depth bomb launcher

Purga ASW weapons control system



Fire control systems

Laska radar

SP-521 Rakurs system


Air systems

Ka-28 ASW helicopter (or Ka-31 radar picket helicopter)


take-off and landing pad

two 14.5mm machine guns


EW systems

MP-407E ECM system

PK-10 decoy system (4x10 launchers)


Navigation equipment

Gorizont-257 inertial navigation system comprising Gorizont-25 navigation radar

EKNIS MK-54IS and GPS NT200D systems


Combat information management system

Sigma-E system


Identification system

67R IFF suite



Buran-6VE automated communications system


Electronic equipment

Pozitiv-ME1 air/surface target acquisition radar


Sonar equipment

MGK-335EV-03 system


Special equipment

active roll stabilizers

underway fuel-replenishment system


Displacement, full load, t

about 2,100


Basic dimensions

(length x beam x draught), m 102.2 x 13.1 x 5.3


Speed, kts:

full 28

cruise 18


Operational range, at economical

speed (10 knots), n.miles about 5,000


Endurance, days



Seaworthiness, Sea State:

stay at sea unlimited

weapons employment 5


Main propulsion  plant twin-shaft, CODOG


Main propulsion plant

2x11,000 and total power, kW 1x5,890




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