PROJECT 1241PE Small ASW Ship

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Project 1241PE small ASW ship is designed to destroy enemy submarines, surface ships, and helicopters (aircraft) in the littoral zone both autonomously and in cooperation with other naval forces. In peacetime the ship is intended to guard territorial waters, state borders and exclusive economic zones, as well as to intercept and inspect vessels in order to prevent smuggling, drug trafficking and sea piracy, as well as to detect and rescue distressed ships.


Main propulsion plant

The ship is powered by a two-shaft propulsion plant comprising two M-521-TM5 diesels. Electric power is provided by two DGRA-200/1500 and one DGFA 100/1500 diesel generators. There are also two EKPA-2/150-4 electric compressors.


Armament & Equipment


76.2mm AK-176M single-barrel gun mount (152 rounds plus extra 102 rounds)

30mm AK-630M automatic six-barrel cannon (2,000 rounds plus extra 1,000 rounds)


two TR-236-02 twin-tube torpedo launchers (four 53-65KE or SET-65E torpedoes)

two RBU-1200 ASW mortars (30 RGB-12 bombs)

two PK-10 close-range decoy system (40 rounds)



Electronic equipment

Pozitiv-E air and surface target detection and designation radar

Vympel-AME shipborne artillery fire control system

Liman navigation radar

67R IFF system

Podzagolovok-23 mutual interference avoidance system


Navigation equipment

Pastilshchik-D course detector/gyro stabiliser

LEM2-1 induction log

NEL-20K navigation echosounder

AP-5 dead-reckoning tracer

RN direction finder

Pirs-1M receiving display

SN3101 satellite navigation system equipment

KM69-M2 magnetic compass



Communications equipment

R-632ML HF transmitter

two R-680-1 HF receivers

R-615M HF radio

three R-625 VHF/UHF radios




MGK-345 sonar with towed and dipping arrays

Displacement, t:

standard 444

full load 495


Length, overall, m

about 57.7


Beam, midship, m

10.2 (hull), 10.4 (crinoline)


Draught, midship, full load, m

about 2.35


Speed, kts min



Range, at economical speed, n.miles



Endurance, days





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