PROJECT 877EKM Large Diesel-Electric Submarine with Club-S Missile System

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Project 877EKM large diesel-electric submarine is designed to destroy enemy submarines, surface warships and vessels operating independently or in battle order.



Project 877EKM double-hull, single-shaft electrically-driven submarine is a state-of-the-art underwater combat platform boasting good operational record, powerful torpedo and missile weapons, extremely low noisiness, reasonable degree of control procedures automation, comfortable crew accommodation, and minimal basing requirements. Thanks to the streamlined fusiform hull, anti-sonar coating and low-noise equipment the submarine is more quiet than its foreign analogues.


Main propulsion plant

Project 877EKM sumarine is powered by two diesel generators, one main electric motor, one economic speed electric motor, two reserve electric motors and one storage battery.



Six 533mm launchers mounted in the bow section of the first compartment can fire various types of torpedoes and lay mines, two side launchers – launch remotely controlled torpedoes, and two upper ones – 3M- 54E anti-ship cruise missiles. It takes only several minutes for the crew to reload the torpedo launchers with the assistance of the quick loading system. Ammunition load comprises 18 torpedoes (including four 3M-54E missiles with a 220km operational range) or 24 mines. To protect surfaced submarine against lowflying aircraft and helicopters six Igla-1M MANPADS are provided onboard. They are stored in a watertight fender on the retract-able masts fence.



Project 877EKM submarine combat efficiency is enhanced by installing 3M-54E Club-S antiship cruise missile system and a variety of advanced electronic support systems. These systems include small-size inertial navigation system to provide long-time underwater operations and weapons employment without surfacing, and a new automated combat information management system to control all types of weapons systems, including missile and torpedo launchers, and facilitating commander’s decision-making. The deployed missile system with a range of 220 km features increased probability of high-speed target attacks, successful submarine/ ship engagements, enhanced combat stability under enemy counterattacks (no need to penetrate enemy naval and airborne defence lines), and increased safety of littoral operations (no need to pass through minehazard areas). The submarine is capable of delivering missile attacks against targets with strong point defences.

Normal displacement, cu.m



Number of torpedo tubes, pcs



Ammunition (missiles/torpedoes/mines) load, pcs



Ammunition calibre, mm



Basic dimensions, m:

length 72.6

beam 9.9


Underwater full speed, kts



Snorkelling range (at economical speed of 7 knots with extra fuel), n.miles



Underwater range, at economical speed, n.miles



Max diving depth, m



Endurance, days





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