PROJECT 956E Destroyer

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Project 956E destroyer is designed to engage hostile warships, auxiliary vessels and landing craft, to provide fire support for amphibious assault forces, and air/missile defence for warships and transport vessels, as well as to perform joint patrol and other combat missions with other ships.



Project 956E destroyer features good seaworthiness with minimum roll, pitch and yaw in storm sea. The ship's stability is improved thanks to stabilising fins. A telescopic helicopter hangar is provided astern. The ship is equipped with two navigation radars, Fregat air/surface search radar, one MR-184E and two MR-123-02 fire control radars (for 130mm and 30mm gun mounts respectively), Mineral-E target designation radar for Moskit anti-ship missile system, and MGK-335 sonar system. It is also fitted with MP-401E and MP-407E jamming stations. The combat information management system can provide simultaneous tracking of several targets on data from active/passive sensors of the ship and organic helicopter as well as from other ships of the task force and patrol aircraft. 130mm AK-130 versatile gun mounts can engage surface, coastal and air targets with impact/proximity-fuse munitions. Targets are designated by the fire control radar in automatic mode, or optical sight in autonomous mode. They also can fire practical rounds for training purposes. The gun's rate of fire is 30 rds/min. AK-630M anti-aircraft gun mount can fire blast, incendiary and tracer rounds at a max rate of 4,500 rds/min under control of either radar or optical sight. The destroyer is also equipped with PK-2M/PK-10 passive ECM stations (200/80 rounds respectively), and anti-saboteur systems.


Main propulsion plant

Project 956E destroyer is powered by four KVG-3 high-pressure steam boilers, two 50,000hp TV-12-4 steam turbines driving two fixed pitch propellers. Electric power is supplied by two 1,000kW steam turbo-generators and four 600kW diesel generators.



two Moskit quadruple anti-ship missile launchers (8 missiles)

two 130mm AK-130 twin gun mounts (2,000 rounds)

two Shtil SAM system launchers (48 missiles)

four 30mm AK 630M anti-aircraft gun mounts (16,000 rounds)

two 533mm twin torpedo tubes (4 torpedoes)

two RBU-1000 six-tube ASW mortars (48 bombs)

Kamov Ka-28 ASW helicopter



Displacement, full load, t



Dimensions, overall (length x beam x draught), m

156.5 x 17.2 x 6.00


Main machinery

4 KVG-3 boilers,

two 50,000hp TV-12-4 steam turbines,

two 1,000kW turbo-generators,

four 600kW diesel generators, two five-blade propellers



two Moskit-E ASM quadruple launchers (8 missiles),

two Shtil ADMS launchers (48 missiles),

2x2 130mm AK-130 gun mounts (2,000 rds),

4x6 30mm AK-630M gun mounts (16,000 rds),

2x2 533mm torpedo tubes,

2x6 RBU-1000 ASW mortars


two navigation radars,

Fregat radar, 

MR-184-E radar,

two MR-123-02 radar


Sonar system

MGK-335 sonar


EW assets

MP-401E system

MP-407E system

two PK-2M launchers (200 rounds),

eight PK-10 launchers (80 rounds)


Max speed, kts



Cruising range, at 18 knots, miles



Fuel capacity, t



Helicopter fuel capacity, t



Endurance, days



Complement (design)


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