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A key factor in the deployment of radiomonitoring systems is the selection of the right sites. This applies equally to stationary, mobile and transportable systems. Operators require a reliable tool for calculating the coverage of the area of interest for their radiomonitoring systems.


The R&S®Propagation Calculation Tool propagation calculation tool helps operators to rapidly and easily plan the sites for setting up their radiomonitoring systems. In addition to selecting the best installation sites for the direction finding and monitoring sensors, the tool supports the planning of the radiocommunications links required to network these systems.


Key Facts


Rapid calculation to determine possible sites for radiomonitoring systems while taking into account the propagation conditions

Support in radio network planning

Easy to operate, even for less experienced users

Support of numerous elevation data formats

Interfaces to other radiomonitoring software products from Rohde & Schwarz (R&S®RAMON, R&S®ARGUS)


Features & Benefits


Selection of optimum sites for radiomonitoring systems

- Graphical support for convenient definition of area of interest

- Easy import of known transmitters and radio networks

- Recalculation to verify site suitability

- Fast results when frequently changing the site of a radiomonitoring system

- Support in planning radio networks for monitoring systems

- Support in evaluating intercepted radio signals


Out-of-the-box solution

- Intuitive, menu-guided operation even for less experienced users

- Immediate deployment due to supplied elevation data

- Single-source solution: interfaces to other software products from Rohde & Schwarz

- Propagation models for every application




Integrated propagation models

ITM (Longley Rice)                                                                        20 MHz to 20 GHz

Okumura Hata              terrain data not taken into account          150 MHz to 1.5 GHz

ITU-R P.452-13             terrain data not taken into account          700 MHz to 50 GHz

Optical line of sight             

Free space (ITU-R P.525-2 point-to-point)                    

ITU-R P.1546                with R&S®PCT-ME option                       30 MHz to 3 GHz

ITU-R P.526                  with R&S®PCT-ME option                       20 MHz to 15 GHz

ITU-R P.533                  with R&S®PCT-FE option                        2 MHz to 30 MHz



To R&S®RAMON, radiomonitoring and radiolocation software                      

To R&S®ARGUS, radiomonitoring software for spectrum monitoring and management   


Elevation data formats

DTED                                                   digital terrain elevation model

USGS-SRTM                                       data from shuttle radar topography mission, prepared by United

                                                            States Geological Survey

SRTM 1/3/30 (GOTOPO30)                data from shuttle radar topography mission with resolution

                                                            of 1, 3 or 30 arc seconds

MapInfo grid                                        elevation data in MapInfo format

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